Henry Cow

THU 02.16.14


One appreciates then why certain avant-garde departures might only take off in the theater, and particularly in the kind of theater where the public attaches some self-regard to their willingness to tackle difficult material.


John Zorn

SUN 07.12.15


His wider thesis is that humanity has co-evolved, or individuated itself, through the development of technology, but that today, in the contemporary high-tech postmodern era, technology has started to leave humanity behind.

and something else

Steve Lehman

TUE–WED 06–07.12.15


When there is no other, and I am lost in a hyper-functional technological world, I become my own other. I comfort myself.


Robert Wilson’s Einstein on the Beach

SUN 02.24.15


The effect of this condition is that we, the gadget lovers, not only feel left behind by the object. The problem, then, of Einstein’s Nightmare is that it constructs a blindingly bright, high-tech dystopia.